Alan Dalcastagne

Sound Design


I started my career in a training called Game Audio Academy, after that I created several audio libraries aimed at indie developers, this has been developing and today I already have more than 40 active libraries selling daily, currently I have been working with the game team WayWardRealms, but I've helped out on Gravity Runner, Rule The World: Chess, Pongo 17 and another other small games from game jams.

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Photo of me recording outside



I also have some knowledge in implementation, my background is in the IT area so the implementation ends up using several concepts that I already have a certain familiarity with from my past profession. I've already made some systems in FMOD, Wwise and in Unreal's Blueprints, in the video to the side I made a system for an engine, it can be used for both cars and spaceships, in fact anything that charges and becomes stronger. At the moment I have been studying Wwise.

Audio Libraries

My audio libraries are, at the moment, what I'm most dedicated to, but I'm looking for more opportunities as a freelancer to show my knowledge, below you can see some of my work with these packages, I hope you like it. Check my youtube Channel for more :)